ICE Bucharest on Banking and Finance Law

ELSA Bucharest is pleased to announce the second edition of the International Conference of ELSA Bucharest on Banking and Finance Law, which will be held from April 25th to April 27th, 2023! Banking and Finance Law encompasses several highly sophisticated and ever-changing domains, which will be discussed in depth throughout the event. As a result, this ICE offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about every perspective of Banking and Finance Law and to interact with acclaimed speakers. Nevertheless, this event will also feature a lively Social Programme, with the desire to connect different individuals from all sorts of academic backgrounds who share the same desire to learn and discover the beautiful city of Bucharest.
Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
Non-ELSA Members who attend one of the following Partner Universities: University of Bucharest, Titu Maiorescu University and Nicolae Titulescu University - EUR 10
ELSA Members from favoured countries - EUR 15
ELSA Members from non-favoured countries (this includes members of other Local Groups of ELSA Romania) and ELSA Alumni - EUR 20
Non-ELSA Members who do not attend the University of Bucharest, Titu Maiorescu University or Nicolae Titulescu University - EUR 25
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Academic/Institutional Partner
Dentons Romania
Academic Programme
Day 1 - 25th of April: Legal Introduction | Banking and Finance Law
• Lecture: The Basics of Banking and Finance Law
• Lecture: The Typologies of Finance
• Workshop: Mastering Client Interviewing Practices

Day 2 - 26th of April: The Perspectives of Banking and Finance
• Lecture: Key Aspects of Cross-Border Transactions
• Workshop: Negotiation | A Transnational Outlook
• Lecture: A Guide on Bankruptcy & Insolvency
• Workshop: Risk Management in Insolvency | Relevant Cases

Day 3 - 27th of April: The Future of Banking and Finance
• Lecture: The Digitalisation of Banking
• Workshop: Case Analysis on Banking Contracts
• Plenary Meeting: Innovation in Banking & Finance
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Participation in the Cocktail Party is included in the Participation Fee.
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Covid-19 Requirements
You don't need to fulfill any requirements to participate in ICE Bucharest on Banking and Finance Law. If the Romanian Government imposes stricter requirements, those will have to be adhered to.
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